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Bringing true and authentic Japanese cuisine to Brooklyn. We go to great lengths to make sure you get an honest Japanese meal, brimming with flavor and true to form. 

Ramen Zamurai opened in July 2017 in Brooklyn, New York City. We offer customers a huge selection of different types of authentic Japanese Ramen. We take our preparation to the most extreme levels to bring the truest tasting Japanese Food that includes our Hakata-style Tonkotsu, Tokyo Style Shoyu, and Sapporo Style Spicy Miso. 

We use Traditional Techniques to Deliver the Perfect Ramen. We lovingly prepare and serve delicious food that is mouth-wateringly fresh and vibrant in both look and taste.  From our Wasabi Octopus appetizer right through to the sweet almond jelly dessert; we cater for all tastes, and we do it with style.

Our Ramen is perfectly paired with a rich broth that is infused with authentic Japanese flavorings that are left to cook for over 20 hours. You will feel the deepness of our Tonkotsu after a single sip, it is certainly something our guests here love. Our Cha-Shu is made from carefully chosen premium pork belly that is slow-cooked for many hours before being served with a soft-boiled egg, and a variety of other tasty topping options. 

Aside from this, we offer an extensive range of mini-sized rice bowls, appetizers, and premium Japanese Beer & Sake. Ramen Zamurai now has 2 locations in the Brooklyn area. Please take a look at our two venues to see which is nearest for you here.


Ramen is our craft, the true love of our life.

festive ramen spot in the heart of Williamsburg